INFINITI confirms one of the global assembly locations that will build all-electric vehicles for its future. The vehicle assembly plant in Canton Mississippi is announced as one of the locations that will build INFINITI models that deliver on the company’s Ambition 2030 vision to empower mobility and beyond for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.

Nissan Motor Corporation, Ltd. will invest $500 million U.S dollars to modernize and transform the plant, incorporating the latest in EV manufacturing technology and automation in advance of producing all-electric models for both the INFINITI and Nissan brands.

“By 2030 we envisage that the majority of INFINITI models sold globally will be electrified” said INFINITI Chairman Peyman Kargar. “In confirming one of the future locations where our new generation of electric products will be built, we progress towards achieving this goal.”

In support of the announcement INFINITI released a tantalizing glimpse of the bright direction that lays ahead for the brand. It’s a future that will bring to life INFINITI’s unique approach to modern Japanese luxury with a focus on thoughtful hospitality while seamlessly integrating technology and innovation into its vehicles.