Embrace your New Year health kick with Barre Effect, Dubai’s premier barre studio, as it collaborates with Drink Dry, the Middle East’s leading non-alcoholic drinks marketplace. Join a unique wellness workshop on February 7th at 12:30 pm, featuring a dynamic 60-minute workout blending barre and yoga, followed by insights from Erika Doyle, the founder of Drink Dry.

At Barre Effect’s studio in Al Wasl, guests will experience a rejuvenating 30-minute dynamic barre session followed by a soothing 30-minute yoga class. This fusion of fitness forms promises to sculpt the body, boost metabolism, and challenge the mind in an invigorating way. The workshop is an excellent opportunity to maintain your New Year health resolutions in a fun and uplifting atmosphere.

Following the workout, attendees can stay to hear from Erika Doyle, the visionary founder of Drink Dry. Gain insights into the world of premium non-alcoholic drinks and find inspiration to extend your health kick beyond January. Discover the philosophy behind Drink Dry, offering a sophisticated range of 0% drinks, gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options for those seeking a delightful beverage without the effects of alcohol.

Participants will have the chance to sample and take home one of Drink Dry’s popular alcohol-free beverages, the 0.0% Natureo Sparkling Muscat wine. Indulge in the vast selection of 0% drinks provided by Drink Dry, perfectly complementing Barre Effect’s commitment to social connection and female empowerment.

Known for its distinctive 50-minute classes, Barre Effect focuses on full-body movements, sequencing, and unique prop usage to keep workouts exciting and results-driven. The ladies-only environment fosters a supportive and encouraging space, ensuring class-goers leave feeling the effects and loving the results.

The one-of-a-kind workshop is priced at AED 120, and guests can also redeem a class from an existing package to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to sculpt, sip, and get inspired on your wellness journey.

For more information or to book your ticket, visit www.barreeffectdxb.com, purchase in the studio, or call 04 548 7600.