As December approaches, the anticipation surges for a groundbreaking addition to Tilal Al Ghaf. FITCODE, the brainchild of the Wellness Forward Group (WFG), is poised to redefine the fitness and wellness scene with its grand opening set for December 15th, 2023. More than a gym, FITCODE promises an immersive journey into holistic well-being.

Steered by the visionary leadership of George Flooks, a prominent figure in the MENA region’s fitness landscape, FITCODE emerges as a beacon of luxury and health intertwining seamlessly. This isn’t just another gym – it’s a sanctuary curated to nurture the body, mind, and soul.

In a recent conversation with George Flooks, the CEO highlighted FITCODE’s distinctive features. He expressed, “FITCODE transcends the conventional gym setting. It’s an exquisite blend of state-of-the-art facilities, multi-modality studios, and premium amenities like cold baths, all nestled within an environment that evokes sophistication and grace.”

What sets FITCODE apart is its unwavering commitment to well-being in its entirety. Beyond mere physical workouts, FITCODE aspires to cultivate a thriving community centered on happiness, health, and superior experiences. The carefully designed spaces, meticulously curated to uplift and inspire, promise more than just a workout – they promise a transformational journey.

FITCODE’s opening heralds an era where fitness meets opulence and where well-being is redefined. It beckons individuals seeking not just a gym but an indulgent haven for holistic growth.

As the countdown to December 15th continues, the excitement mounts. Join the inauguration and step into an alluring realm where luxury converges with wellness. Discover a life that’s richer, fuller, and harmonious, as FITCODE unfolds its promise of a luxurious wellness journey.

The doors to FITCODE are opening soon, inviting all on a path toward a more fulfilling, vibrant life.

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