In a crescendo of elegance and beauty, Vatika, the foremost name in natural hair care across the Middle East, has unveiled the illustrious Arab actress, Dorra Zarrouk, as the radiant face of their groundbreaking “Oil before shampoo” campaign. A harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation, this campaign casts a spotlight on the age-old practice of oiling hair before each wash, delivering nourishment that resonates far beyond the silver screen.

Picture this: the enchanting Dorra Zarrouk, draped in timeless elegance, her hair flowing with an undeniable vibrancy. The scene is set for a melodious revelation, a message sung in verses that echo through hearts and generations. “Zaith, Zaith, Zaith, Zaith Vatika Abl shampoo yarit” – the chorus rings, a lyrical reminder of the transformative magic that unfolds when oil embraces your hair before the cleansing ritual.

For decades, Vatika has held a steadfast place in the hearts of millions across the Middle East and North Africa, transcending borders and backgrounds. A beacon of authenticity, Vatika’s enriching oils have been the confidante of Arab women, withstanding the test of time as a trusted partner in nurturing hair’s health and allure.

Dorra Zarrouk, the embodiment of grace and poise, expresses her excitement, stating, “Joining forces with Vatika Enriched Oils is a privilege. As an advocate of natural and effective hair care, I’m delighted to collaborate with a brand that resonates deeply with Middle Eastern women. Vatika’s unwavering commitment to excellence truly sets them apart. I am eagerly looking forward to spreading the wonders of Vatika Enriched Oils to women far and wide.”

The symphony of Vatika’s “Oil before shampoo” campaign reverberates through screens and souls alike. The 360-degree masterpiece will grace the airwaves across the Middle East and North Africa on MBC and regional TV channels, resonating through the digital realm of social media and YouTube. This harmonious crescendo is complemented by vibrant on-ground activations that invite every individual to embark on this transformative hair care journey.

Vatika’s enriching hair oil range, a symphony of nature’s finest, blends Vitamins A, E, and F with meticulously chosen ingredients. Each oil takes center stage, playing a unique role: castor for voluminous tresses, cactus to conquer hair fall, garlic for the crescendo of natural growth, coconut for voluminous richness, Argan for a soothing cadence of moisture, black seed for strength and luster, olive for a protective embrace, almond for softness and radiance, and onion for a harmonious scalp serenade.

A mere 20 minutes of indulgence with Vatika Enriched Oils creates a harmonious revival for your hair, fortifying and rejuvenating them with every use. The enchanting promise of 10X stronger hair and a staggering 94% reduction in hair fall resonate through each drop, encapsulating the essence of Vatika’s commitment to purity and excellence.

As the curtains rise on Vatika’s “Oil before shampoo” campaign, an invitation emerges – a harmonious rendezvous with a centuries-old secret for hair that sings with vitality. With Dorra Zarrouk as the beacon of this movement, Vatika extends an invitation to embrace a timeless tradition that is as relevant today as it has been throughout generations.

Prepare to dance with the melodies of Vatika Enriched Oils, a promise that unveils the symphony of nourishment, strength, and beauty, echoing from the heart of the Middle East to the world beyond.

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