Plutas Trading DMCC, the exclusive partner in the UAE and the Middle East of global luxury wellness, beauty and fragrance brands; is poised to change mindsets in coping and managing one’s ageing process from anti-ageing to pro-ageing by introducing FRAME®, the first complete range of pro-ageing products and services targeting skin health, wellbeing, and longevity.

Through its participation at this year’s Professional Beauty GCC Conference and Exhibition, Plutas presented the beauty industry in the UAE and the Middle East with its first-ever glimpse of Mìsula and FRAME®.

As the first product born by the Mìsula world, FRAME® is 100% Italian and made with raw plant extracts originating from controlled supply chains within the Pollino National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site – an area that provides locally-grown, certified plants that are local to the Mediterranean basin. Through FRAME®, the Mìsula brand captures the Mediterranean essence and shares it with the world in the form of award-winning pro-ageing product lines, dedicated to 360° beauty and wellness.

FRAME®’s complete range of products and services are a result of decades of expertise in the cultivation and extraction of plant-based active ingredients, as well as in the formulation of scientifically-based and technologically-advanced products manufactured in collaboration with a prestigious scientific board. Through FRAME®, the skin is able to receive the optimum benefits of active ingredients, thanks to intelligently and innovatively formulated products of superior quality that are rooted in advanced scientific and technological expertise.

Beauty is about wellbeing – Pro-ageing, not anti-ageing

“At the core of Mìsula and FRAME® is the principle that considers ageing not as a disease to fight against,” said Vanessa Douglas, CEO, Plutas Trading DMCC and strategic and exclusive partner of FRAME® in the UAE. “Rather, it is a stage of life in which health and beauty must be safeguarded with virtuous products, rituals and behaviors capable of combining treatment with pleasure, and stemming from the Mediterranean culture of wellbeing.

”Such concept as pro-ageing represents a pioneering approach in dealing with and managing the impact of ageing on our skin and overall wellbeing,” Vanessa added. “Shifting into a pro-ageing approach can also encourage us to adopt healthier habits, strengthen our immune systems, and prolong the length and quality of our lives. And, by combining decades of scientific research and experience with the advantages of a natural formula, which also happens to have a low impact on the environment, we are confident that FRAME® will be a brand that will be well-loved and embraced by both men and women in this region for the best and finest experiences it will bring and the impact it will have on their skin.”

What distinguishes FRAME® in the market is the brand’s choice to welcome complexities and differences and make them manageable, attempting to respond to the specific characteristics and needs of each consumer. In order to do this, FRAME® collaborates with doctors, nutritionists, biologists, neuroscientists, pharmacists, biochemists, geneticists, dermatologists, and bio-gerontologists, who work together to devise a complete program tailored to the specific needs of each individual. The excellence of FRAME®’s raw materials and formulas is just one of the aspects that contributes to defining FRAME®’s identity, which is also the result of an innate attention to the style that is part of the Italian cultural heritage.

The Misula Concept

During her presentation at the main stage of the Professional Beauty GCC exhibition held at the Festival Arena on 7 to 8 March 2022, Savannah Hillebrand, Global Brand Manager, Mìsula Cosmetics provided a detailed explanation behind the Mìsula concept.

“Mìsula is the brand that encompasses all our product lines and distinguishes our retail spaces,” Savannah explained. “Just as the mìsula is the terracing in which medicinal plants are grown, Mìsula is the space in which we grow our ideas, product lines, and projects, both from a physical point of view and from a creative point of view. And FRAME® is the first line of products presented by the Mìsula world.”

Florian Suceava, co-founder and Strategic Marketing and Business Developer, Mìsula Cosmetics further elaborated on the Mìsula concept: “Mìsula is expressly rooted in one of the foundational aspects of our brand: the connection to the territory in which we cultivate our raw materials and the unique nature of the raw materials that we use within our products. This includes the fact that these raw materials are local only to a very small area of the Mediterranean. The name also connects to the heritage behind our brand, born from the wisdom of the Mediterranean people and their way of life, who we have to thank not only for inspiration, but also for their knowledge of the land and of cultivation methods that operate in harmony with nature.”

For centuries, the mìsule have represented an important aspect of hydrogeological preservation of the rocky ridge on which the town of Castelluccio Superiore stands; they are places that naturally lend themselves to the preservation of local biodiversity, which is crucial to the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site.