SHIMA, a breathtaking Japanese restaurant nestled within the luxurious LAVITA, The Palm’s newest beachside haven.

SHIMA offers a unique twist on coastal dining. Experience the vibrant artistry of Japanese cuisine paired with tranquil Persian Gulf views and Dubai’s dazzling skyline.

Chef Koyi Tanabe, a third-generation Japanese national born in Peru, leads the culinary charge. His 16 years of experience across continents, coupled with his training under the Matsufuji family, translates into avant-garde dishes that elevate Japanese gastronomy.

SHIMA’s thoughtfully curated menu celebrates the Japanese philosophy of fresh, seasonal ingredients. From meticulously crafted sushi at the dedicated bar to robata-grilled specialties, each dish is a testament to Chef Tanabe’s masterful skills.

Indulge in an all-day dining adventure at SHIMA. Linger over a leisurely lunch by the palm-fringed shore, or soak in the sunset as the venue transforms into a vibrant evening haven under the stars.

SHIMA is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional coastal dining experience.

Timing: 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
For reservations, email; or call; 056 731 0909

Instagram: @shimarestaurantdubai