Following a vastly successful soft launch earlier this year, fashion e-commerce brand Zole Bazaar, has announced its official website launch this September, bringing a touch of Morocco to the UAE.

Created by entrepreneurs, Bijal Soni and Samar Saliba, the Zole Bazaar brand showcases the very best of Morocco through its stunning, one-of-a-kind Djellabas. Each item is handmade in Morocco, taking up to two weeks to make, using the highest quality fabrics.

The brand was created to support women artisans from Saliba’s home country and the name Zole is inspired by her grandmother, Zolekha. Partnering with fashion and business expert, Soni, the duo enrolled Saliba’s mother as ‘Head of Creative’, utilizing her 30 years’ experience of designing and creating the traditional Djellabas for numerous occasions within the family and for the local community. She always envisioned sharing her heritage and culture with the rest of the world and Zole Bazaar is going to be the platform for just that.

Whilst the color palette of Zole Bazaar’s first Ramadan collection was more focused towards pastel tones, the Autumn/Winter collection plays with darker hues, in simple styles, complemented with statement detailing and delicate handwork. The bold colors are paired with minimalist patterns keeping the overall look elegant and graceful, suitable for every special (or more casual) occasion depending on how the garments are styled. Customers can choose from a range of elegant and modest styles in both pastels and dark shades, in a selection of fine fabrics that are sourced directly from the heart of Morocco.

Co-founder of Zole Bazaar, Bijal Soni Said: “I was really embraced by the traditions of Morocco and their chic comfort wear, especially the Djellabas. As a working woman, it’s important to create something that is comfortable while on the go but is still smart and timelessly fashionable. Therefore, we constructed floor length robes, traditionally made up of long-sleeves, and a “Kob” or “hood” which used to be worn for protection against the sun and wind. We wanted to be able to offer affordable luxury for women of all ages whilst giving back to Samar’s community back in Morocco.”

Samar Saliba, Co-Founder of Zole Bazaar, added: “In an effort to move away from the harmful trends of fast fashion which have been proven to be detrimental for the environment, we wanted to go back to the roots of real handmade artisanry, whilst supporting the incredibly talented women of Morocco. As a Moroccan culture expert, my mother chooses the fabrics herself and oversees the manufacturing process to ensure the perfection of the design. It is almost impossible to find Djellabas and caftans of such high-quality and uniqueness anywhere else in the GCC. We take the time to find the best materials that are breathable, easy to wear and sustainably created. What’s more, because all pieces are hand-made, each piece is unique!”.

Due to the immense positive reception from the Emirati community within the UAE during its soft launch in Ramadan 2022, Zole Bazaar launches its latest collection, available for purchase from its website: The brand will showcase a glimpse of all that Morocco represents in the near future that will include outerwear, rugs, accessories, ceramics and more.