A revered name in Dubai’s culinary scene, Around The Block, emerges once more in Al Wasl, Jumeirah, introducing an enticing evolution. Renowned for its exceptional coffee and convivial ambiance, the establishment reopens its doors with a fresh aesthetic, welcoming patrons to an immersive experience where diversity in taste meets new horizons.

Embracing a metamorphosis, Around The Block debuts a reinvented visual narrative, presenting a rejuvenated aura that captivates the vibrant essence of Wasl 51. Known since 2019 for its diverse menu, from sumptuous breakfasts to international culinary delights, the spot has etched itself into the hearts of Dubai residents. Above all, its unwavering commitment to delivering exquisite specialty coffee from around the world remains a cornerstone of its identity, beckoning coffee enthusiasts time and again.

Setting sail into uncharted waters, Around The Block augments its charm by introducing a novel addition: TŌRI. As the clock strikes 5 pm, this remarkable establishment transforms into an immersive Japanese dining haven. TŌRI, meaning “the passage,” seamlessly melds with Around The Block, offering a modern izakaya-style experience. Here, skilled chefs curate a culinary spectacle, reinventing Japanese delicacies with contemporary flair, creating an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.

The melding of Around The Block and TŌRI reflects an unpretentious yet inviting ethos, mirrored in a revamped menu. From Turkish Eggs to Hot Ricotta Pancakes, and from Salmon Carpaccio to Spicy Beef Ramen, the offerings tantalize with familiar yet innovative flavors. Noteworthy additions include the A5 Wagyu Roll and a dedicated Ramen Bar, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

The fusion of culinary cultures at Around The Block and TŌRI beckons patrons on an unforgettable journey. Whether seeking the warmth of familiar flavors at Around The Block or the allure of TŌRI’s innovative Japanese cuisine, guests are promised an experience that transcends culinary boundaries.

For reservations and inquiries, reach out at +971 4 342 8000 or email ATBWASL@atbdubai.com Instagram: @aroundtheblock @eattori