‘Porsche x Art’ theme is the first in the series of partnership exhibitions, featuring a range of
multidimensional practices such as art pieces, sculptures, and paintings. Recently, DRVN and Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE celebrated the brand synergy by launching the rebranding concept ‘DRVN by Porsche’ at DRVN’s Dubai-located branch. As part of this collaboration, the venue exhibits modern art pieces by regional and international artists in dialogue with a contemporary visual language.

The exhibition offers a premise of refreshing pop artworks composed by artists from a myriad of
cultural backgrounds, each showcasing a unique portrayal of Porsche vehicles within the ‘Porsche
X Art’ exhibition.

Rami Afifi celebrates his cultural and ethnic connection to the Middle East through his artwork as
he lived in the UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. As a huge Porsche fan, the mural Rami created
is a time capsule of his brain in the 90s and his love for the brand. Originally commissioned for
the Icons of Porsche festival, the piece features elements of some of his favourite Porsche models
with references to the pop culture of the era and some of the most iconic Porsche drivers.

Dozi Dreams is a British artist who has called Dubai home for the past decade, and has a huge
personal passion for Porsche. The displayed artwork is something we have never seen before:
the artist featured 500 metallic Porsche miniatures on a canvas, representing the modern and
vintage iconic Porsche 911 models of his dreams. Interestingly, Dozi uses his iconic “Jazz” style
with vibrant and dynamic strokes of colour as he feels all the elements of the car come together
with grace, timing and the explosive brilliance of a jazz quartet.

The Whale Tail project is created by Parisian-born artist Johans Lamic as a tribute to Porsche racing history. Johans Lamic has a unique approach as he creates complex structures from scrapped turbo rear wings in the colors of famous race cars, such as the below reinterpretation of the Martini acing design on the iconic 930 Turbo spoiler. The Whale Tail project is limited to 9 series of 11 pieces each, making them very exclusive collector’s items.

The Scottish-based digital artist Chris Labrooy uses 3D as a creative medium to subvert and twist
familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. As a Porsche owner and
fanatic of the brand, Chris’ work is usually Porsche and 911-centric, and his concept is always
whimsical and nostalgic.

Whilst London-based illustrator B.A.V.Z sits at the interaction between classic and modern cars,
combining them with minimalist shapes and vivid colors to create handcrafted Porsche art prints.
His depiction of the Porsche Taycan is a modern-day classic that highlights the Porsche brand
image as the ultimate fantasy automobile, depicting the Taycan on a dreamlike, never-ending

Jeffery Docherty is from New Zealand and his love for form, colour and retro motorsports assisted
him in creating artworks with Porsche as the theme in a witty and allegorical way. He created the
artwork in honour of the legendary ski jump over a Porsche 356, which also graced the cover of
the 400th edition of the official Porsche magazine. The cover showcased a new interpretation,
this time featuring the all-electric Taycan Turbo.

DRVN by Porsche welcomes the public to immerse into this fascinating rebranding concept along
with having scrumptious homemade coffee, oven-cooked pizzas and more. Follow @drvn.ae to stay updated!