This Emirati Women’s Day will be celebrated with music and fashion featuring an all-Emirati cast of celebrity pop artists at THAT Concept Store, MOE.

Music Fashion Fusion presented by musivv and The BarCoe Studio, in association with Sennheisser will open on Sunday, August 28 at 7 pm with a talk show featuring renowned Emirati artiste and musivv ambassador Alya (@alya_singz), Emirati pop singer Sachii @sachikosawa and male Emirati R&B singer Casa Vince. Topics will revolve around the artist as a person, as an Emirati and as a singer.

The interesting tete-a-tete will be followed by individual live performances. Alya will perform her latest single followed by up-and-coming Emirati pop singer Sachii. A special appearance by male Emirati R&B singer Casa Vince will round off the music offering. Casa will present his new single with the working title ‘Emirati/Khaleeji Girl’.

“it is an absolute honor to represent Emirati women on this day I love my country and people and our wonderful leaders and I am proud to be Emirati. I think that Emirati women are some of the most fashion forward most beautiful women in the world fashion plays a huge role amongst Emirati women. I’m not so sure that I would say music influences fashion choices here in UAE but for me personally as an Artist it can influence my clothes as I love R@B  and hip hop.” Said Alya@alya_singz

” Growing up I loved listening to all the classics like Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, James Brown and many more. I feel like they were the building blocks to what music is today. Even though all these historic people influenced my music and me as an artist I have to give credit to all the amazing homegrown local artists that inspired me as well . To name a few Abri and of course my mum Chloe Butler, both of them are a huge inspiration to me.” She added

The Emirati Womens Day special show will be attended by key music industry players, journalists, and influencers. While it is open to the public, the event will be professionally live streamed by AEL Photography.

Sean Barcoe, Founder, BarCoe Studio said, “We are delighted to spearhead this initiative on this special day. Many Emiratis are on our roster of artistes including those presenting Music Fashion Fusion today. We are proud to encourage and build local talent in the UAE.”

Ryan Burr, Head of Technical Sales & Application Engineering, Professional Audio at Sennheiser Middle East added,” Sennheiser supports the themes of the event – music, musicians, and diversity across the globe. We are pleased to participate in this new Emirati Women’s Day initiative.” On the morning of Sunday, August 28, musivv and THAT Concept Store, MOE will launch their sustainability collaboration called Yellow Chair Sessions. The sessions will be a monthly feature hosting a celebrity to sit on a yellow chair for a photoshoot and video interview. To mark and celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, the  Yellow Chair Sessions initiative launch will feature Alya (@alya_singsz). The session will be on musivv’s Instagram account through the month of September. THAT Concept Store will complement the music with fashion by pampering Emirati guests with dress ups.