PIMS Tea is not just another beverage; it’s a sensory voyage that redefines what tea can be. This innovative creation blends the artistry of Oriental tea with 100% organic fruits and ingredients, collectively referred to as ‘PIMS.’ Here’s your chance to dive into a realm of unparalleled taste and delight.

1. ‘MANGOW’ – Tropical Ecstasy

Begin your journey with the exotic ‘MANGOW,’ a symphony of real mango and traditional Chinese jasmine oolong tea. This tropical infusion isn’t merely refreshing; it’s an energy boost. To elevate the experience, indulge in two creamy variations: ‘Salty Cream,’ a silky milk-based delight, and ‘Coconut Cream,’ a vegan alternative crafted from coconut milk and tofu. Enhance the flavor by sipping through our unique swipe lid, allowing the mango bits to harmonize perfectly with the cream.

2. ‘Berries x Berries’ – A Fruitful Romance

One of their most beloved creations, ‘Berries x Berries,’ harmoniously blends real strawberries and blueberries with the essence of traditional daohongpao tea. This unique preparation method leaves a delightful aftertaste that conjures the flavors of freshly baked goods. ‘Berries x Berries’ provides a calming effect, making it ideal for leisurely evening strolls or unwinding with cherished company.

3. ‘Milky Matcha’ – A Matcha Lover’s Dream

For the matcha enthusiasts, we present ‘Milky Matcha.’ This variant replaces water with fragrant jasmine tea and allows you to choose your preferred milk type. Be sure to add cream and freshly brewed tapioca pearls for that extra treat. Crafted with ceremonial-grade matcha, renowned for its exquisite flavor and mood-enhancing properties, ‘Milky Matcha’ is a versatile delight you can enjoy hot or iced.

4. ‘All In’ – A Burst of Freshness

Indulge yourself with ‘All In,’ an explosion of fresh, real fruits including pineapple, lychee, passion fruit, lime, orange, grapefruit, and strawberries, all combined with traditional Chinese oolong tea. This concoction is not just a vitamin powerhouse but also an energy booster. It even includes an extra bottle of tea so you can relish a second round once you’ve finished your initial sip.

5. ‘Kiwi Aloe’ – A Wellness Elixir

Based on Gabba Oolong, renowned for its roasted aroma and sweet aftertaste, ‘Kiwi Aloe’ is packed with gamma-aminobutyric acid, offering potential health benefits like lowered blood pressure, headache relief, improved sleep, enhanced brain function, and mood elevation. It’s a blend of oolong tea, natural kiwi, and homemade aloe honey made from real aloe. At PIMS Tea, it’s more than just tea; it’s an immersion in flavor and well-being.

PIMS Tea isn’t merely a drink; it’s a passage to explore extraordinary flavors, wellness, and the sheer joy of discovery. Come, uncover your favorite PIMS and let your taste buds celebrate the enchantment. Raise a toast to a world brimming with exceptional tastes and pleasurable sips!

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